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Inspired by the classic barrel duffels of the 20th Century, we set out to design a timeless and stylish everyday carry. The Bomber Barrel redefines style by presenting itself in a modern and simple barrel structure: pure austere and clean. The Bomber Barrel is an ultra grade nylon duffel bag designed for you - the athlete, the adventurer, the professional, and the minimalist. It was created to accommodate the lifestyles of the ambitious, the motivated and the driven. With its minimal design, lightweight and black-colored nylon ripstop; its versatility is endless. Its black color creates depth and radiates its bearer’s extravagant elegance.

The Bomber Barrel was conceived out of necessity. We wanted to create a timeless duffel bag design that could be used by anyone, all the time, and be an essential item to take with you to the office, gym, on hikes, and in all of your adventures. We want Bomber Barrel not to only be used for its functionality, but to be an extension of you. We want it to inspire you, to push you to the limits and enjoy what life has to offer.